Xavior's Transparent Beyond is a very personal journey into the artistic mind of a cutting edge writer. Within this book you will find written poetry, audible poetry, interactive poetry video and more. This Book is an introduction to avant garde poet and artist Xavior. Below you will find a review and forward of this work.

Xavior's TRANSPARENT Shines Through

First you might be in the dark, but soon comes a transmission of light, and clearness and clarity comes through. In Xavior's TRANSPARENT we find ourselves looking into a glass brightly, like those who master glasswork, stemware and windowpanes. Xavior's TRANSPARENT is like reading a crystal watch in a display case. It is vitrified and lucid. His microcopical distinctiveness becomes explicit as we read his work in plain English and plain speech. Stain glass is poetry, as too is waterford and uranium.

As new worlds and alternative versions of reality emerge, it's about time we had a new genre of poetry. Should not language and poetry grow" Poetry should have a movable feast, having variations and many relationships. And through the fantasy and poetic skills of one talented writer, 24 year old Joseph Xavior Patterson, we have transparencies in poetry. He extends our traditions in poetry and accomplishes some astonishing effects. It is a new medium, a new form, a new style. He has embraced an articulate syncretizing force that has its own rules, logic and integrity. In His creative process, he brings to poetry a new being and a new beginning. It can very well revitalize the imagination of those who love and appreciate poetry as art.

I invite you to come to the door and look out the window. Look into this glass brightly, and you will see porcelain, rhinestones and rubies.

Rayfer Earle Mainor, Poet Laureate